other worlds

Other Worlds is an experimental binaural music project based on the interaction and combination of electronic and acoustic sounds, creating an indistinguishable blend of both. Unfolding as a contemplative and immersive musical experience for the listener. Non-conventional music, yet surprisingly accessible. Music that can work as a functional and meditative background, while also offering enough complexity and detail to reward the most curious listeners.

Aesthetically, the project aims at unifying and cross-breeding musical traditions under new imaginary and immersive sonic worlds, where the listener is enveloped and surrounded by an organic and ever-evolving musical soundscape, a “sonically different” world.

The focus is not on a particular genre, sound design technique, or instrumentation, but on the indistinguishable mixture of electronic sounds, field recordings, and varied acoustic instruments resonating together in a three-dimensional space. Musically inspired by the work of Jon Hassell and technologically updated to the most advanced digital spatialisation technologies.

The first volume of this project was released in May 2020 and was very well received by the specialised media. In November 2020 I received a grant from Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR recovery program to work on the production of the second volume of the project.

Other Worlds Vol. 2 was released in April 2021 and presented in the virtual hybrid edition of the internationally acclaimed digital arts festival MUTEK ES+AR 2021.

Vol 1: https://ampl.ink/nDJPA
Vol 2: https://ampl.ink/aZkvj


Live @ OLA: https://soundcloud.com/alejandro-mosso/other-worlds-live-ola