Originally from Argentina and based in Berlin since 2009 , Alejandro Mosso has been synonym of warm, percussive, organic and delicate electronic music for more than 15 years. A worldwide touring artist that has performed captivating Live Sets across South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as a dedicated and prolific producer that has consistently released forward thinking electronic music since 2003. 

With his particular brand of “musical club music”, Alejandro challenges the understanding of what club music could be.  Throughout the years Alejandro has developed a distinctive sound palette, a perfect balance between electronic and acoustic sounds, sitting at the intersection of minimal techno, tribal, fourth world and micro-house music. Constantly defying the dj tool concept by producing immersive musical experiences, unapologetically pouring emotions, melodies and harmonies over the traditionally rhythm dominated genre.

Labels like Cocoon, Third Ear, Hivern Discs, !K7, Eskimo, Sushitech, Telegraph, Meander, Lomidhigh and many more have welcome the “mosso” sound on their catalogues. In 2017 he released his album “Isolation Diaries”, a class listen with all the hallmarks of an experienced artist having honed his sound. The album earned remixes from two of the most interesting and influential electronic music producers of the last decades: Burnt Friedman and Ricardo Villalobos.

In 2018 he released his biggest project so far, RITUALS, a three vinyl gatefold album with over 75 minutes of textured, intricate and unusual music. 2019 finds him pursuing a Master degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, exhibiting sound art installations and developing new and exciting projects.