– sound and light installation –

VIBRANTA NEBULOZO (vibrating nebulae in Esperanto) is a light and sound installation that wanders into natural vibrational phenomena synchronizing sound and light frequencies, creating a tone and colour landscape of movements through cymatics and synesthesia. A looking glass into a hidden world.

Two boxes centered in the room, each consisting of an RGBW LED lamp, a bass shaker, and a glass tray containing various density liquids. Each box independently and randomly scrolls through sound frequencies between 21.8 and 43.6 Hz (notes F-1 to F0) and their corresponding light frequency between 384 and 768 THz (44 octaves above).

A pattern of synchronised gain and brightness determines the pulse of water vibration, visualising the current pitch and hue status of the box through cymatics patterns reflections. Resulting in a complex, delicate, and hypnotic landscape of ever-changing moving sound.

A background and slowly modulating drone resonates from a hidden speaker, flooding the room with sound.

Materials: RGBW LEDs, DMX interface, computer, transducers, amplifier, speaker, wood, water, oil, and glass.