– sound and light installation –

SONLUMA ALTARO (sound-light altar in Esperanto) is a minimalist installation that plays with our natural attraction to light and its cultural associations to the divine.

The visitor’s eyes focus on a luminous and sonorous object that presents itself in a reverential and sacred position, as the centrepiece of a devotional isolated room. A coordinated mantra of colour and sound is projected into the space, filling up the room with a hypnotic soundscape.

By connecting auditory and visual stimuli through mathematical pitch-colour relationships, the installation constantly produces a randomised and never repeating composition of modulating sound and light, bringing the room to life and the perceiver to a contemplative state.

Three distinctive tones: G, C and D# (mathematically corresponding to Red, Green and Blue) flood the space with undulating random amplitudes, creating an unstable musical chord. Visually, the corresponding variable intensities of RGB merge in an endlessly shifting uniform colour.

Materials: RGBW LED panel, speaker, carpet, pedestal, DMX interface, computer and Max/MSP.