– sound & light installation –

SONANTA LUMO (sounding light in Esperanto) unfolds as an immersive sound and light installation where the sensory boundaries blur.

Visitors enter an intimate, meditative space, where sound frequencies gently resonate and evolve, influencing the intensity and combination of light colors in slow, mesmerizing transitions, creating a synesthetic symphony. Sound and light engage in a dialogue, mutually shaping each other, and drawing the viewer into the conversation.

Primary colours are mapped with mathematical precision to distinctive musical tones: Red (G), Green (C), Blue (D#), and White light is mapped to white noise. These mappings interact with each other to compose a dynamic grading of hues and tonal textures.

As the frequencies delicately rise and fall, they conjure a cross-modal illusion that suspends time and stretches into infinity, inviting the visitor to explore how the subtle interplay between light and sound shapes our perception of the world around us.

Materials: RGBW LED panels, speakers, wooden panels, DMX event player, and amplifier.

Presented at, 07-10 December 2023

PIANITY NFT: As part of the exhibition, I improvised a musical performance with electronics and guitar, engaging in a dynamic dialogue with the artwork. This unique NFT encapsulates the essence of that 25-minute live performance, intertwined with the drifting pure tones of the installation: