– sound and light installation –

Auditory and visual perceptions are based on empirical observation, but the way we actually build the objects in our minds and make sense of our surroundings is infinitely more complex than mere observations. The perception process entails a great amount of cross-modal influence between the senses, grouping mechanisms and many other principles studied long ago by Gestalt psychology.

The installation plays with some of these multi-modal mechanisms and cross-modal illusions that we constantly and unconsciously experience in our everyday life to create a perceptual experience that is firstly aesthetic and physical, but that can also trigger a reflective process about our perceptual limitations, ultimately questioning our understanding of the world around us. While intentionally avoiding any visual or auditory focus point, the installation space is filled up and brought to life through a precise manipulation of sound and light, creating the experience of physical materiality out of two intangible mediums.

Am I hearing what I see? Am I seeing what I hear? Perceive yourself perceiving.

Materials: RGBW LED panels, speakers, DMX interface, computer, Max/MSP